Working in Collaboration Agreement

The school’s aim for you is that you realise your academic and personal potential. The following contract should be read carefully and signed by students and their parents. Failure to meet the conditions could lead to you jeopardising your place at Post-16.

The school agrees to provide: -

  • Initial and continuing guidance about courses to meet your needs
  • High quality teaching
  • Appropriate teaching, setting and marking of homework
  • Regular assessments of progress, and a consultative approach to target setting
  • Further reviews of progress where necessary, on request
  • Facilities and resources for self-supported study time (SST), and guidance towards developing sound learning skills and habits
  • Considered and comprehensive advice about higher education and careers
  • A willingness to talk with you and your parent(s) / guardian(s), in order that we work together to help you realise your potential
  • The opportunity to take part in regular enrichment activities
  • A genuine concern for the welfare and development of all students. No student should ever feel that there is no one on the staff to turn to.
  • Care and guidance that treats you with sensitivity, respect and consideration

The student agrees to: -

  • Show respect for others and their property at all times
  • Full and prompt attendance at all timetabled classes, registration sessions, assemblies and any additional commitments undertaken
  • Make every effort to produce consistently high standards of work and to meet course requirements
  • Complete all independent study, coursework, projects and assignments to set deadline
  • Make constructive use of Independent Study Time (IST) to consolidate work covered in lessons
  • Be available to meet staff who may need to see you outside of timetabled lessons
  • Demonstrate effective time management skills, ensuring that work and social commitments allow sufficient time for successful study
  • Value the breadth and diverse make up of our community
  • Act as a role model to younger students at all times
  • Support the leadership and management of the school
  • Be an ambassador for the school both in school and the wider community