Students at Post 16 make up the school’s most senior students. Expectations are high in Years 12 and 13 and we encourage our students to develop self discipline and motivation. The school provides a learning environment within a caring community where each student is treated as an individual.

Post-16 students are treated like young adults, receiving rights and privileges that are not available to other students in the school. They have their own common room, which is equipped with ICT facilities, microwave ovens, a fridge and seating areas. The common room primarily serves the social needs of Post 16 students while the study room is intended for independent study.

Post-16 students have their own uniform which sets them apart from the rest of the school. They are expected to dress smartly according to the dress code, setting high standards and expectations for younger students in the school.

There is a well developed pastoral care system which supports the students' academic, personal and social development during their Post-16 years. Full support and guidance is offered with university applications, career development and helping the students focus on life beyond school. A team of Post-16 Learning Mentors are available for advice and encouragement.

While academic study and achievement are at the centre of life in the Post-16 years, there is much more to it than that. Students are offered many leadership opportunities through the Post-16 leadership team including the Community Service Award. Post-16 students also join in school-wide activities such as world maths challenge day. Guest speakers from a range of universities, including those from the UK and UAE, are invited to the school to address Post 16 students, outlining opportunities available to them at their institutions.

The more students put into life at Post-16, the more they will get out of it. Being a Post-16 student offers more freedom and opportunity but with that comes responsibility. It is expected that all students promote Al Yasmina values through the Post-16 charter, which was drawn up by the students, use their study time wisely and maintain an appropriate work and social balance.

We encourage Post-16 students to participate in extracurricular activities, ranging from school productions to being part of school sports teams. The students are also expected to play their part in the school community and act as role models to younger students.

Punctuality and attendance is particularly important at Post-16. Evidence suggests that students with an attendance rate below a 90 per cent average can fall by half a grade year on year.

Students and their parents sign a 'working in collaboration' agreement which outlines what the school will provide and what students will agree to during their Post-16 years.

POST16 HANDBOOK 2014-2015