Post-16 Charter - P.A.R.T


  • Loyal towards each other
  • Setting standards for future students
  • Be proud and respect our environment
  • Know your boundaries and when you are over-reacting
  • Be able to apologise when you're wrong
  • Contribute to the Post-16 image in a positive manner


  • Be your best, be role models
  • Aspire to be inspiring role models
  • Post-16 Centre of Choice
  • Aspire to be a responsible adult in the community
  • Aspire to achieve social and academic goals
  • Strengthen relationships


  • Respect each other's opinions, faith, culture, gender and appearances
  • Respect other people's boundaries and personal space
  • Be prepared to apologise when appropriate
  • Respect your privileges as a Post-16 student


  • Trust people to be supportive and loyal
  • Trust the judgment and decisions of the teaching staff
  • Treat everybody equally
  • Give people the benefit of the doubt in an appropriate situation