Aldar Academies LLC

Aldar Academies’ mission is to create world class international schools that set the benchmark for excellence in education and at the same time are a home away from home for all children. We seek to create schools that provide an inspiring learning environment at the heart of our communities and across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

Aldar Academies’ schools offer a broad and varied educational experience for pupils aged 3 to 18 years, taking into consideration local cultural requirements and differing international expectations. Across our portfolio of six schools we have capacity this academic year for 3500 pupils. Al Yasmina School is one of six schools in the Aldar stable. The others are:

The Pearl Primary School

Pearl Primary was the first Aldar Academies school and was set up in 2007 with a capacity of 575 students. Its facilities include Astroturf pitches, a swimming pool, netball courts, a sports hall and classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, computer suites which have the latest technology. It also has a well-stocked library.

It is a British curriculum school in the centre of Abu Dhabi educating young minds from Foundation Stage (Kindergarten) to Year 6.

Al Muna Primary School

Located in downtown Abu Dhabi and catering for 575 pupils, Al Muna’s facilities include a 25 metre swimming pool, a football pitch, netball court, sports hall, library and a computer suite. Al Muna also has dedicated play areas for the Foundation stage, Key Stage one and Key Stage two students.

Al Bateen School

Al Bateen School is the secondary receiving school for the Pearl and Al Muna Schools, providing high quality education for English-speaking students from the ages of 11 to 18. It provides much-needed secondary education in a great learning environment in the Al Bateen area of Abu Dhabi Island. The school opened in September 2011.

Al Mushrif School

Al Mushrif School opened in September 2011 and provides an outstanding education for all pupils from Foundation Stage 1 to Year 6. Capacity for 2011/12 stands at 375 pupils.

To enable early opening, Al Mushrif School has been temporarily based within the Al Bateen Secondary School Campus. Beyond 2013, plans are in place for Al MushrifSchool to relocate to a new school site.

Al Ain International School

Al Ain International School is being developed on the site of an existing Government school, less than a kilometre from the Hilton Hotel in Al Ain.

The school opened in September 2011, with 84 pupils in its first year of operation. Facilities will include a sports hall, theatre, full size football pitch, swimming pools, large recreation areas, computer suites, specialist classrooms, as well as more than 40 teaching classrooms.