How long are your waiting lists?

Many of our year groups are full which means we will only have places to offer if a student leaves the school. We still invite you to apply as there is no cost associated with the application and the situation can change very quickly.

Does Al Yasmina School have an admissions test and if so, what kind of test do prospective students sit?

All applications are reviewed by the school to determine if a prospective student has the ability to successfully access the school curriculum. If there is some uncertainty about this, a student will be invited to complete an entrance assessment.

Is there a priority system for enrollments?

Priority is given to siblings of existing students and to children of Aldar and Mubadala employees.

Do you cater for children with special needs?

We have very limited resources to cater for children with special needs. We generally do not accept children who have a 'statement of special needs' or require one-on-one support to access the curriculum. Students with an individual education plan will be reviewed carefully and will have to undertake an assessment.

My child will not finish the school year before he moves to Al Yasmina. Does this mean he has to repeat the whole year?

This depends upon the curriculum at your child's current school. Contact the Admissions Officer for further information.