Year 7 - 11 girls

Yr 3 img

  • Short sleeved white blouse with Al Yasmina logo. The new style blouse can be untucked.
  • Long sleeved blouse can be worn but must be tucked in.
  • All items worn underneath the school blouse should be white
  • Dark green skirt (to the knee or ankle length)
  • Dark green regulation trousers/skorts (Year 10-11 girls must wear skirts only).
  • White socks with skirts/skorts.
  • Black socks with trousers.

Optional : Green V necked sweater with school logo can be worn.
Dark green cardigan to the waist.

Girls can wear knee length/ankle length skirts/trousers throughout the academic year.
Students in Year 7 – 9 can wear skorts from April (start of term 3) until the end of October (last Thursday of the month).
Shoes should be black leather with closed toes. They should not have excessive heels (no higher than 5cm), Trainers, sandals or slipper style shoes are not permitted. Shoes must be logo free. If students need to wear alternative footwear for medical reasons, a doctor’s note should be provided.