The primary school uniform has been designed to be comfortable and allow children to take part in the full range of primary activities, while still looking neat and smart. We like children to take a pride in their appearance and feel a sense of belonging. All children from FS1 upwards wear the school uniform.

Children with long hair should make sure it is tied back during school as a matter of safety. Hair should be neatly presented and of a natural colour. No extreme cuts or styles are permitted. Older children may wear a watch to school which should be removed for PE and swimming. No other jewellery is permitted.

All primary children must bring an Al Yasmina rucksack for their daily school items, a book bag for use in the library and a PE/swimming bag. ALL students require a school hat. If a students forgets to bring their school hat, they will not be allowed to play outside at break times. No hat = no play. Clearly named water bottles are required by each student but can be in any design. These items are all available from the uniform shop. In addition to these there is an assortment of other optional items available for purchase.