Al Yasmina  Academy operates a fleet of air conditioned buses to transport students to and from school. Invoices for students who use the buses are issued at the beginning of each term. Buses do not drop children at their door; instead they are picked up and dropped off at predetermined location points. The bus service is available to all students, from FS1 through to the secondary school. The safety of students on board is our overriding concern. A maximum of 30 passengers are permitted on each bus. Students are expected to wear safety belts and behave in a responsible manner. Drivers receive comprehensive training and there is a supervisor on each bus who is responsible for all children. There are extra buses in place to accommodate students who take part in extracurricular activities.

Bus routes and timings are determined by the areas in Abu Dhabi in which students live. Every student who travels on an Al Yasmina  Academy bus is expected to be at the designated waiting point five minutes before the scheduled arrival time. Buses do not wait for students who are not at the designated bus stop at the specified times. Similarly, buses departing school do not wait for students who are late. Any student not collected at the point of delivery is returned to school and the parent contacted to collect their child. Any additional cost resulting from this is charged to the parents of the child.

Parents are encouraged to communicate directly with the bus monitors if their child is sick and will not be travelling to school. Monitors' names and phone numbers are provided on each route booking form.

If you would like to use the school bus service, please email Mrs Eames at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Bus Reservation Form April 2014