Al Yasmina Academy Council

The primary school has its own School Council which comprises 60 children who are elected by their classmates to represent their views and raise issues with staff. Each class from Year 1 to 6 has two representatives on the council.

Some of our more senior representatives have the opportunity to apply for the lead roles of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary or Treasurer. School Council members can propose and take forwards initiatives and projects on behalf of their fellow students and get involved in whole school issues such recycling.

Part of the role of the School Council is to lead the primary school in raising money for charities selected by the children. Fund raising is an integral part of school life and helps the children to understand how other people live and the factors that can affect their lives. The primary school has raised significant amounts of money for Red Crescent, the Haiti Appeal and the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal. In addition to this they have taken part in whole school fundraising activities such as non-uniform for World Maths Day and the Jack O’Donnell Foundation.