Key Intentions

Al Yasmina key improvement priorities 2015-2016

Al Yasmina School already has in place its long-term strategic intentions of where the school will be in September 2019. However in order to maintain that course, the school has identified key priorities for the Academic year of 2015/2016.

Below is a brief summary of the key Intentions the school has:

To embed an all through school structure

 Our school has redeveloped the management structure in order to enhance the links between Primary and Secondary School. Our school has taken steps to ensure that transitions between Primary and Secondary are more cohesive and we make greater use of the specialist knowledge that is available across the whole school. It will enable Primary and Secondary staff to learn from each other as well as encourage students from different age groups to work collaboratively and to enhance their learning experience.

To improve achievement in KS5

Our school always focuses on the child as a whole and by doing this we are aiming to ensure greater progress across the school. One area that we believe we can improve is Post-16. We know that we can challenge the students to achieve more through the care, support and guidance of the new Post-16 team. We are determined to make sure every child is aiming to achieve the highest possible grades.

To further develop Post-16 

As part of increasing the achievement in Key stage 5 we are also looking to develop the whole of Post-16. This will begin immediately with election of a head boy and head girl who will oversee our student leadership structure right across the school.  This will create an opportunity for Post-16 students to take on leadership roles and develop themselves as leaders. The post 16 students will have greater access to a wider range of courses. Students will also receive guidance about alternative examinations that are relevant to where they would like to attend university. There will be greater guidance in future careers and more opportunities for students to talk with universities. This will all take place under the guidance of our new post 16 team, Miss Whitmore and Mr Pyper.

Development of online presence

Our school sees its development of its online presence as something that is essential this year. We will redevelop our website in order to provide a greater level of support to students and parents. We will also be looking at other avenues to increase online communication between the school and home; this will include the use of a new communication tool, known as the Parent Portal. As well as developing the website and Parent Portal the school will also be looking at other ways in which we can use modern technology to share the amazing learning that goes on at Al Yasmina.

To continue to improve Teaching and Learning

The main objective of any school is to produce the highest quality of teaching and learning and while this is something Al Yasmina excels at, there is no intention to stop there. Our school is always looking at how it can improve teaching and learning. As part of this development, we have set up an Al Yasmina Leadership group. This gives staff the opportunity to come together every two weeks for further professional development and to share best practice.

As well as the Yasmina Leadership group we also offer fantastic professional development programs across the year. Al Yasmina has also put in place a number of lead learners; these are teachers who are of the highest quality who will work with other members of staff to further develop their teaching practice.

To continually develop Literacy and Numeracy

We at Al Yasmina believe every subject is vitally important, however we realise that in order to give students the best possible start it is imperative that we strengthen the core skills of Literacy and Numeracy. As there have been changes to the National Curriculum, we are focused on implementing these changes and are determined to provide the highest standard of education. In order to do this we a number of staff focused on each area. This is known as a curriculum action group. The group looks at different methods from around the world and picks the best possible aspects to apply to our curriculum. This is fed through from FS all the way to year 13 and it allows the school to embed the key skills children will need as they progress.

To launch a Parent Community Group and Parent Portal

Al Yasmina understands the importance of close working relationships with parents. This year Al Yasmina will launch a Parent Community Group. This group will be open to any parent from Al Yasmina who wants to get involved in school life. We will be looking for parents to support with key events, to come in and help within the school as well as offering classes to parents. As well as launching the community group Al Yasmina intends to launch its new Parent Portal.  This will be a new way of communicating with parents so the messages that parents receive are specific to their children. As well as receiving messages the portal will also allow parents to observe information such as attendance, timetables and much more.

To further develop action research

One thing we are particularly passionate about is implementing new ideas and ways of doing things. That is why here at Al Yasmina we actively encourage staff to undertake action research. This process involves staff taking an idea and developing it in their teaching. Some of the projects may be small; others may have a whole school impact. Our intention is to facilitate any of these projects by offering staff care, support, guidance and time. The benefit to our school is that we are at the forefront of new innovative ideas.

To restructure the pastoral system ready for a 2016 launch

Al Yasmina is reshaping its identity as a through school and with that the school will be reviewing the current pastoral system. Across the year the school will be carrying out research as to how this can be done most effectively. In the September of 2016, there will be a brand new launch of the new pastoral system.

To design and introduce a new school uniform

As part of our School’s new identity, Al Yasmina is looking to develop its school uniform. This will take place across the year with consultations between parents, students and staff. This should be ready for launch in September 2016.